News Summary: March 7-11

News for the Week of 3/7/2016 – 3/11/2016

by David Abuaf


Government / Political / Economic

1.     An offensive to retake Mosul has been stalled by political feuds among forces fighting Islamic State in Iraq

2.     NATO reached an accord with Greece and Turkey to let the alliance’s migrant-monitoring mission operate in territorial waters

·       The EU and Turkey agreed on the outlines of a new, broader accord aimed at stemming the flow of migrants into Europe

3.     The Philippines has seized a North Korean cargo ship, moving quickly to put UN sanctions into effect

4.     A new poll suggests that the prospect of a general election between Clinton and Trump doesn’t sit well with much of the electorate

5.     Iran test-fired more ballistic missiles, despite US pressure on Tehran to curtail its missile program

6.     Germany said it had obtained Islamic State files with members’ names and data that could help prosecute suspected militants


General Markets / Economic

1.     China’s leaders set a growth target of 6.5 – 7% but suggested they are trying to avoid inflating debt or asset bubbles

2.     The ECB is likely to push a key rate even further into negative territory

3.     Vehicle leasing has soared in recent years, pushing down used-car prices as leases expire

4.     China will take over some of local authorities’ debts in a move to help them regain footing and to allow Beijing to cut business taxes

5.     Lower priced homes are selling quickly nationwide even as inventory of expensive homes piles up

6.     Saudi Arabia is looking to borrow up to $8B from foreign banks

7.     The ECB unveiled a raft of measures aimed at bolstering the EZ’s fragile economy, including a series of rate cuts, additional bond purchases and ultra-cheap loans for banks, but markets largely brushed off the efforts

8.     US households ended 2015 with home equity at the highest level in a decade and record net worth


 Company News

1.     United shareholders PAR and Altimeter launched a fight to reshape the airline’s board and install a former CEO as chairman

2.     Takata has enlisted restructuring lawyers amid an onslaught of vehicle recalls involving its air bags

3.     VW’s US chief has left the company, six months after the auto maker became embroiled in an emissions testing scandal

4.     The Justice Department criticized Apple for allegedly helping China access phone data while refusing to aid the San Bernardino probe

5.     TransCanada is in takeover talks with Columbia Pipeline, which has a market value of about $9B


Interesting Stories

1.     A passenger on an Air France flight Monday said he knew something was amiss when a woman’s carry-on bag started moving around by itself. No, not snakes on a plane! Flight attendants opened the bag and discovered a baby inside! It was a flight from Istanbul to Paris. The baby was between 1 and 2 years of age

2.     Japanese researchers discovered a microbe that can digest a polymer used to make plastic containers!!

3.     A 2 year old in South Carolina called 911 because she couldn’t get her pants on

4.     A Justice Department official testified that 3 year olds should be able to represent themselves in immigration court

5.     Google has set up new high tech cameras so that residents of the Los Angeles zoo can now take selfies

6.     A USA Today editor is stepping away from his duties after allegations this week that he plagiarized 65 crossword puzzles from the New York Times.

7.     On Wednesday, West Virginia lawmakers got sick after sampling unpasteurized milk, WHICH THEY HAD JUST PASSED A BILL TO LEGALIZE!!

8.     A new study by researchers in Perth Australia found that 45% of Australian animals are incredibly ugly. They claim that this could hamper conservation efforts for ugly species



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